Sequin x Denim

(Clears throat……………………excuse me). Also, excuse the dust (literally) as I showcase this sequin dress with the blazer and denim boots.
It’s been a minute since I have posted and currently thinking about revamping my blog. Although, I am not posting on this platform (as often) you can still follow me on IG @thebohemiancosmo and TikTok @challebrown.
The goal this coming year is to offer more style tips or in my mind style recipes to focus more on the styling of the apparel versus the modeling of the clothes. For example, this outfit is just a simple sequin dress taken up a few notches by adding simple touches like a blazer and a trendy pair of denim boots.
The key to styling clothes is never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Each outfit, make it a point to try “something new”. Even if it is as simple as a new piece of jewelry or a scarf. Notice the broach on my blazer? That was my “something new”.
I hope everyone has a “Happy Holiday”. ❤

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