Simone Doreleijers X Myself Germany

I spy with my “fashion eye” a Spring 2020 style trend.

Do you see it?
In the first picture, look at the model Simone’s pant legs and how the straps of the heels are wrapped fashionably around her legs.
If you did not notice this initially, watch, you are going to start seeing this trend in photos and fashion editorials. That’s just how life works.
I actually experimented with this concept last summer with a pair of lace pants that were way too short for my liking. Once I wrapped the straps of my heels around the outside of the pants, “Voila!” instantly stylish.
Do you see any other trends from this ultra-glam fashion editorial?

Balmain Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear

Instead of the boxed shoulders, glitzy-glamorous embellished pieces that we expect to see from Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, the Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear collection displays classic, timeless apparel that is gender neutral all the while offering the same level of sophistication.

“Streetwear is important, but luxury needs to be based on timeless pieces, not trends,” – Olivier Rousteing

Personally, I loved each piece but if I could imagine myself in a Balmain boutique and had to choose my favorites I would definitely select all the maxi length outerwear and the sequin jacket. Seriously though, have you ever met a Balmain collection you did not love?

Georges Antoni X Harpers Bazaar Australia

This Harpers Bazaar Australia fashion editorial is perfect for Holiday NYE 2019 “OOTD” inspiration. The current trend in fashion for holiday looks are sequin and anything fluffy or layered in ruffles. Personally, I love it because you are no longer forced to hold in your stomach for the duration of the party or starve yourself because you don’t want to grow a “food baby” due to wearing your bodycon dress. 🙂
Ruffles, poufs and frills are a lot more forgiving.
Another item I love is the addition of the combat boots.

In my eyes, these looks are the perfect ensemble to ring in the new year.