Frederick Anderson PreFall 2023

When I see a new collection that I love, I am initially drawn to the apparel, the models, and how the fabric is draped on the models.
After the initial excitement, I dig a little deeper into the collection to find out the name of the designer, the inspiration and if this designer will be on my list of “new favorite designers”.
I scoured YouTube University and was pleasantly surprised to see the designer, Frederick Anderson’s Spring 2023 runway show.
My favorite artist, Prince was playing in the background as his “Garden Party” collection walked the runway.
After singing along to a few of the songs and getting a tad bit sidetracked, I dug a little bit further into his history and found one interview about his designs but not much about his life and personality.
What I do know is that Frederick Anderson appears to focus on the femininity of the woman and makes bohemian chic garments such as crochet dresses look super elegant and sophisticated.
The designer perfectly blends silks and lace and crochet dresses and hoodies which is perfect for the uptown or downtown type of woman.
Frederick Anderson is a designer for the woman with multiple personalities and I am here for it.
Shop Frederick Anderson

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