Femme Luxe Finery Lookbook

I love styling clothing and tailoring it to fit my style. What’s my style? Just in case you are wondering. It’s easy rockstar chic (atleast that’s what I like to call it). It’s the kind of style that makes you feel sexy but comfortable.

When I was drawing inspiration for how to style this lookbook, I kept thinking “If I were a stylist, how would I want to convey my style?”
I am a working mother so comfort is key

which is why you see a lot of tshirts from Target that I paired with the slinky dresses from Femme Luxe Finery shown in both pink and brown.
When I want to feel sexy like on date night, I generally wear jeans with boots or a maxi dress. The “Pretty in pink” velvet party dress is a midi dress that I paired with a sheer maxi skirt from Free People. Yeah, I kinda had to pair that skirt into the ensemble since I don’t wear many short dresses.
No matter what I always have to stay true to my kind of style.

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