The State of Blogging

Just like technology is always evolving, so has been the state of fashion blogging. Now-a-days, you must stay current with technology if you are doing anything in the creative arts.

One of the things I have noticed is how social media is evolving to more of creating a story of your life or your product to build a brand. It’s not just pictures anymore. People desire more from you (especially if you are popular) to keep their attention. They want to learn more about you, your product, your home life, your everything. Social media presence is super important; however, the key is to be personable without getting too personal.

I found the Unfold App recently to create this set of pictures (to create a mini picture book story) and currently testing out video editor apps for my instagram to edit on my phone. I am looking for an app that is fairly user friendly because sometimes easy to use video editor apps are few and far between. One must go through a full tutorial just to learn some of the simplest features. O_0
Wish me luck on my quest.

Dress: Forever 21
Denim Skirt: Free People
Tshirt: Target

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