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Okay, first off, it’s been a minute since I have even “touched” my blog and here’s why.   My creative juices has been flowing elsewhere and feel free to visit me at as I have been a contributing writer for the last few months.
I’m not sure if I ever told you, but I pretty much began my blogging career with Folake Huntoon back in 2011. If you don’t know who she is, feel free to take a look at the blog as her style is bananas (and I’m not saying that because I work for her. Seriously, take a look for yourself)
I have to admit working for her is pretty cool as she literally gives you the keys to the blog and says “Hey, do you what you do best, just let me review it first”.   Not a lot of pressure, she’s like family.

So if you add a full-time job, 3 kids, housework and “Oh, I forgot!”, I am doing a few DIY projects around the house, you will understand why this area of my life has seen tumbleweeds (enter crickets sound)

Now, am I the only one who felt some kinda way when I found out that Jenna Lyons was leaving J. Crew? What?? I mean I read the article on and sat at my desk for atleast a good 2 seconds bewildered. I literally felt like I knew Jenna personally. #icant #devastated #perplexed #feelingsometypeofway

Oh, the devastation did not stop there either as this week, the world found out that BeBe is closing not 1, not 20, but ALL OF THEIR STORES. First, The Limited, now this. What next??? What next?

With all the news of major store closings from some of your favorite retailers, it makes you wonder what the state of your local mall will be in the next 10 years. le sigh

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