“Hair” Style Star: SZA

I recently was listening to Rihanna’s ANTI album when I heard a beautiful, melodic voice singing on her “Consideration” track. I went to Google and pulled up the images of SZA (the artist singing on the track) and thought “Wow, her hair is AWESOME”.
My motto for this year has been “Make my hair GREAT” so seeing an artist like SZA with such a glorious mane of healthy hair offered me so much inspiration.

3 responses to ““Hair” Style Star: SZA”

  1. lindaglovinghome Avatar

    Your hair is beautiful. (back in the day) I always dreamed of a full mane like Diana Ross. I wonder if I could 🙂

    1. OMGEEE, Diana Ross is the creator of “Great hair”. Her hair in the 80’s was simply awesome.

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