CB Style Corner: Layering Maxis

LayerMaxi (2)
To me there is no wrong way to wear a maxi dress. I mean it’s about the easiest outfit to coordinate in your closet……simply slip one on, add a necklace and Boom, “You’re all cute”; however, during the fall/winter months, I try to layer my maxis to keep warm.
The easiest way I have found to layer a maxi (especially if it’s a summer maxi) is with tights and a turtleneck. You can add a denim or biker jacket with a cute knit scarf for added warmth or try complimenting the outfit with a faux fur for a more glamorous look.
The key is to keep the layers simple. No one wants to walk out the house looking like the “Abominable Snowman”. 🙂

One response to “CB Style Corner: Layering Maxis”

  1. The second outfit looks so chic and classy
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