CB Style Corner: Fashion Influences

Growing up my Mom did not have much money to spend on clothes so I looked to the good ol’ television for my fashion inspiration. Now that I think about it, back in the 80’s were there any other sources? Hmmm?
Anyway, here are some of my fashion style icons growing up.

Lisa Bonet
In middle school, my brother’s nickname for me was “Lisa Bonet” because I wore a bunch of bulky sweaters, long plaid maxi skirts, slouch socks and loafers. I loved Lisa Bonet’s style.

Elsa Klensch
Every Saturday morning, I would wake up early not to watch cartoons but to turn to CNN to watch “Style with Elsa Klensch”. I told my Mom one time “When I grow up I want to be a modeler”. 🙂

Jem and the Holograms
Jem’s style was truly “OUTRAGEOUS”, truly, truly, truly outrageous. (Did you just sing the theme song in your head?)

On Friday nights, I watched all the late night soaps with my Mom and Aunts. “Dallas”, “Falcon Crest” and “Dynasty”. How could you not be influenced by all the fabulous 80’s formal wear appearing on the screen?

Charlie’s Angels
I am still influenced by their style which is why I am not a huge fan of the remake. Their “Streetstyle” was not properly addressed. 😦


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