Designer Files: Thierry Baptiste

If you are from the Midwest and have never heard of or seen the artistry of the featured hairstylist/locstar, Thierry Baptiste, you may have possibly been living under a rock. As a natural hair care educator, his work has been seen on countess fashion runways and featured on several natural hair care forums and blogs.

I have been a fan of his work for many years and when you take a look at his creations, you will understand why.

1.)  What prompted you to start your career as a hairstylist?
The funny thing about me doing hair is that I had never touched anyone’s hair prior to going to cosmetology school. I was soul searching for a career doing something I was passionate about and being a former model I always remembered that the hairstylists looked HAPPY and with that always being a goal within my peace of mind, I went for it and the rest is history. I’m now an internationally renown stylist.


2.) How did you make your transition from doing mainstream styles to focusing on locs?
It was important for me to master every texture of hair to discover my niche and in my “Rites of Passage”, my soul drew me to the texture that reflected the essence of me the most which is locs. I will admit that my artistry is somewhat nonconventional at times because of my “Think Out The Box” ideology of doing colors and cuts that we as a culture had been brainwashed to believe was restricted to European textures of hair and without me being skilled in all types of hair, I would not have been able to transcend these concepts on Afrocentric Hair. Therefore my journey had been exciting, educating and eventually with no regrets. I love hair!



3.) One of your specialties is being a top notch hair colorist. How were you able to perfect the craft?
That quite simple. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE. I’m a educator who also takes continual education courses annually and I believe that the top colorists in the game wear custom colors, therefore I change mine to some degree every season and because I’m in the Midwest, we have 4 complete seasons to play and master the chemistry of color on my own Crown & Glory. Those techniques are utilized on my clientele who come from around the world to Get BAPTIZED!



4.) What advice would give to other up and coming hairstylists?
Stay Educated. Stay Excited. Network with talents in your industry from around the world and not just in your social circle in your city. And last but not least, stop just looking at pretty pictures of styles and read what the steps were to achieve it and what inspired the stylists to create it.


5.) Do you follow trends or do you set them?
I’m definitely a trendsetter who incorporates some classic style fundamentals to my artistry that makes it timeless because sometimes you can go too far with trends and look back on your work and it looks dated. My work from my portfolio from a decade ago is still the standard for editorials like my current Look Book because nothing is really new, there just are new ways of doing what works.



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