Designer Files: Take Five

I am so excited to be sharing with you a new series on my blog titled “Designer Files: Take Five”. Basically, I will be speaking to different designers and hairstylists asking 5 questions about their career and how they made their start in the fashion industry.
What prompted the idea was the following of the featured designer, Bryan K. Osburn. I began following him on Facebook in 2011 after seeing his amazing designs during Midwest Fashion Week.
I recently contacted Bryan, who was gracious enough to answer my “Take 5” questions.

How did you start your career in fashion design?
I started my career in fashion, first at a very early age when I began to draw fashion at the age of 8, and later attending design classes while in high school and later attending design college in Chicago and New York.

What is your source of inspiration for some of your designs/collections?
My source for some of my ideas, old movies, music, fabrics and architecture.

What advice would you give aspiring fashion designers?
My advice to aspiring fashion designers: stay focused, stay determined and plan to work very hard!…Network!


What are some things you do to prepare for a fashion show?
Preparing for a fashion show: I pack the collection with matching accessories..I prepare my line up (order of dresses coming out on stage). I select models for fittings either prior to show or the day of show.


If you weren’t in fashion design what what would have been your career choice?
My career choice from fashion would have been in journalism.



Bryan K. Osburn Collection website

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  1. waooooo
    Really a good job 😉

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