The Review: Shopping eBay

Online shopping is reminiscent of the quote by Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates” because you truly never know what you will receive in the mail.   For the most part, my online shopping experience has been positive with the exception of shopping on eBay.   All I can say is beware of some of their sellers.   If the price is really cheap there may be a high probability that the quality of the clothing will be just as cheap.

For example, I purchased this Vintage Denim Dress:


Super cute right?   Wrong.   Let’s just say when I received it in the mail (after waiting what appeared to be months), it resembled something a really small petite person could wear.  After several blank stares of the product, I placed it on a hanger and currently in deliberation of what to do with it.

The best advice I could give anyone who purchases items online (especially eBay) is to read the reviews.   The customer is always right.   🙂

Feel free to share with me some of your online experiences.   I would love to know.

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