Crop Top X Quilted Skirt

I am a “day late and a dollar short” wishing everyone “Happy 4th”. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I spent my weekend “Cooking and clean-ting” (in my Madea voice) preparing for my family to come over.
I love family. They are the only people in this world who will always love you just the way you are.
Speaking of family, my Mom (who is my biggest supporter) bought me this quilted skirt. From time to time, she will bring vintage items over and will always say “Michal, I bought this for you because I knew you would know how to “rock it”.
Just love that lady. 🙂

A Day In The Life Of…….

I went to Kentucky this weekend to pick up my 2 oldest sons (as they spent a couple of weeks with their grandmother). My boyfriend and I took the opportunity to be tourists in his hometown.
For a moment, we really felt like we were in a new city because we decided to take the time to enjoy the moment and browse parks and shops downtown.
I learned sometimes you just have to appreciate life instead of rushing through it.

The Skirtjama Skirt

I hope you are enjoying your weekend festivities. I sure am.
I love being around my family and wearing comfortable clothing like this “Skirtjama” from Sofistafunk. Let me just tell you this skirt feels like your favorite pair of pajama pants that you wear with your comfy bunny slippers. 🙂
I was totally impressed with the quality of the skirt as well as the packaging – I love purchasing items from online stores that wrap your items like a gift specifically for you. It’s the simple details that makes you think “I will definitely purchase from this website again.”

Saturday Sunshine

The weekends are generally family time. The boys and I watch movies, cook scrumptious snacks and just hang out and relax.
After conquering household chores (because the laundry, sock and dust monsters all live in my house), I generally go out grocery shopping
I bought these jeans from Goodwill and did my own DIY on them with a bucket of bleach and a paint brush.

The shoes are from (pauseI could do an entire post on all the shoes I purchased from that site). They sell quality shoes at affordable prices.