Flannels & Tights

My weekend attire consisted of a flannel-like shirt from Target and tights I purchased on eBay. I bought the tights about 2 years ago and luckily they are not chipping or shredding. 🙂 (You never really know what you will receive in the mail with some online purchases)
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Altar’d State Maxi Dress

I bought this dress at Altar’d State. I was not familiar with the store until I traveled to KY. I found out it’s a Christian store that is in the same family as Anthropologie and Free People so of course it was love at first sight.

Rocker Chic

I have a love for “rocker chic” t-shirts and I try to incorporate them into my work attire to bring out my “personal style”.
ACDC, Kiss, Rolling Stones……..anytime I see a t-shirt with those groups on the front it’s a guarantee it’s going home with me.
Styling Tip: Upgrade your rocker chic t-shirts by adding a string of pearls.

Target Overalls

Okay, let me just say I was super excited when I saw these overalls on sale at Target for a mere $10. I had been watching this item for many, many weeks but the way my responsibilities are set up, I was not about to pay full price.
Well, one day on lunch break, I walked over to the sale rack and “BAM!!!!”, I see these overalls and I do believe harps started playing and I saw a glimmer of light.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets this excited when I see a “favorite thing” on sale.
Styling tip: Wearing heels with a pair of your favorite jeans will always be a perfect combination.