Les Copains Spring 2018

This Les Copains Spring 2018 collection had my name on it………….atleast in my mind.
Inspired by one of my favorite Style Star’s, Millicent Rogers (I did a post on her last yearread here), every piece from the sheer, bohemian chic maxi dresses, red boots and the layered jewelry is something that I would wear everyday, all year around.
This collection is definitely one of my favorites.

Special Moments In Photography

This picture pretty much sums up what happens behind the scenes when I am taking photos (for the blog) ย and my son is anywhere near the vicinity.
This was supposed to be an outtake but I just had to share a real life situation of being a fashion blogger and a Mom.
Do you have any outtakes with your children? Feel free to share at michalyn97@hotmail.com.

10 Chic Style Combos

Sequin pants/sneakers
Crop top/midi skirt

Polo shirt/maxi skirt

Culottes/blanket coat

Midi skirt/high tops

Jersey/OTK boots

Athletic sweatshirt/maxi skirt

Button down shirt/formal skirt

Fall Florals

In honor of my birthday month and Fashion Week (that just happens to start on my birthday), I thought it would be a good idea to do “Thirty Days of Fashion” again….. (30 outfit posts in 30 days).
After further thought, I said to myself “Why stress yourself out over a daily outfit post challenge?”. Life is really about doing the best you can with the time you have. So this month I will give my best effort to inspire and give a little bit more insight on my life. It may not be “Thirty Days of Fashion”, it may be just “Fifteen Days of Fashion”, the point is I tried, right? Right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Lonelydot Lookbook

I have been a longtime fan of vintage apparel but I stopped shopping at vintage stores because I did not want to look like I was wearing a costume (you know the look where people will automatically assume “Hey jive turkey, what’s happening!!!!” or “That is righteous!!!” is about to come out of your mouth at any minute). Yeah, I have a few of those outfits in my closet (trust me).
When I stumbled upon Lonelydot’s lookbook I did not think costume rather “Hey, I like the way these vintage pieces look so boho chic.” especially considering the bohemian look is such a hot trend this season. Take a look for yourself at their editorials. Super cute.