30 Days………OOTD’s

Ah 1,2, ah 1,2……….Ah, 1, 2, ah 1,2………….getting my thoughts together like a rapper getting ready to battle rap. 🙂
I must admit, this year’s “30 days of Fashion” is a little bit more successful than the previous years. Oh, and I am a little excited because this weekend, I plan to create my own lookbook of styles that I have put together in my head.
In my mind, I have a full production going on with backdrops, complete outfit ensembles, the whole nine yards. I just hope it comes out as cool as the images I have in my head. Stay tuned.
“If you can imagine it, you can create it…………..”.

Thirty Days: White After Labor Day

I have never been a person who is bound by fashion rules and truthfully in the fashion industry there shouldn’t be any rules. Rules constrict creativity.
I love wearing white after “Labor Day”. My only suggestion would be to make sure your white ensemble adapts to the season.
Jacket: Forever 21
Denim Jeans: Michael Kors
Shoes: GoJane.com

Thirty Days: A Thrift Store Find

Yep, this is one of those thrift store finds that you have to use your inner “fashion blogger/designer/spidey senses” to see the hidden gem.
When I initially saw this coat it was extremely wrinkled and worn. I loved the color and thought I could create so many cute outfits from this one coat so I took it to the cleaners and “Viola”, total cuteness.

Thirty Days: Basic White T-Shirt

This 30 days of fashion is dwindling down to 20 days of fashion but I am moving right along………….
Anyway, I decided to wear a closet essential, a basic white t-shirt.
Tshirt: Target
Vintage Skirt: Thrift Shop

A Typical Work Day

Next month is my birthday month and just like every September “I try” to do the “30 days of fashion” challenge; however, life’s responsibilities get all in the way. I need to talk to God about this whole adult thing…………lol.
Anyway, I took some test photos after work today and besides the shoes, this is a typical work outfit.
I guess you could say I do the “30 Days of Fashion” to show real-time my wardrobe. Here’s hoping this year it is a success. 🙂

Just The Basics

These are my last few days of my “30 Days of Fashion” Challenge. I have learned so much about lighting, cameras and why it’s not good to eat a sloppy burrito before taking a picture.
Also, I found out that there is a “30 days of fashion” Facebook page. Who knew? …..and I thought I was being creative by making up this challenge. 🙂 (There is nothing new under the sun).


Gold & Brown

Yay Friday. I read online that peplum tops are “out of style” along with colored jeans, high low skirts and a host of other items that were all given blank stares by me.
I have never been into fashion rules and opinions. I feel you wear what you like and what feels comfortable. Your individual style is what makes you unique.


It’s Saturday

Today I am running around with my boys so comfort is key. I wore one of my favorite NeonapiStyle skirts and my converse which you can’t see.
My oldest is going to his Homecoming Dance tonight so I am going to put on my personal stylist hat for a moment and help him prepare. :).