Easy Chic: Sneaker “Wishlist”

One of the ways to exhibit the effortless easy chic style is making sure your shoe game is “on point”.
I have been “peeping” all these sneakers for quite some time; however, to my dismay most of them are sold out everywhere. I guess this is the reason they will remain on my wishlist.¬† #sigh

ASOS Spring Dress “Wishlist”

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought “I really need to do a closet upgrade” but you currently don’t have the unlimited resources¬†to make it happen?
Well, for me, this is why I create “wishlists” so that I can have a vision board in my mind of items I want to pick up in the future. Since Spring is on the way, I need (Yes, it’s a need :-)) to find some spring dresses. I searched online and created a “wishlist” from ASOS.com’s website who currently has the best selection, in all sizes.