A Day In The Life Of…………..Indie Arts

I went to the Indie Arts Vintage Festival Saturday and loved just about everything I saw. Since this festival occurs a few times a year, I will definitely be back for the one in September.


Vintage Recreation: Denim Maxi

Okay, so I have been having a lot of fun taking these “Vintage Recreation” photos. I try to put my own modern twist with it too; however, I have taken a few photos where I feel like “No, there is no possible way to make this dress modern.”. That is one of my “outtakes”. I am sure every fashion blogger has a ton of those. 🙂
DSC_1002 DSC_1007 DSC_1011
Dress: Macy’s
Shoes: Urbanog

Vintage Recreations

Since I have acquired a ton of vintage apparel over the years, I thought what better way than to feature some of my “vintage finds” than to showcase them on my blog.
This idea actually came from a conversation I had with my boyfriend. He looked at my closet and said “Michal, this entire section looks like a vintage store.” So the wheels in my head started turning and thought, why don’t I start a series entitled “Vintage Recreations” where I select a vintage picture and try to recreate the style from what is in my closet.
This should be fun as I have already found a couple of pictures that is almost an exact replica of what I have already.
Hat: Target
Top and Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Heels.com

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017

One of the reasons why I ADORE bohemian chic collections like Roberto Cavalli’s Resort 2017 is because I can easily find similar pieces at my favorite vintage shops.
Recently, I had been searching for some inspiration on what to wear to my son’s high school graduation next week. When I viewed this collection I immediately thought “That’s it!!!!”. I am taking a trip to my favorite vintage shop and try to find a similar long, flowing maxi dress.
Here’s hoping the trip is a success.

Vintage Hair

For anyone who knows me personally knows that other than fashion, I am a huge fan of hair and all sorts of hairstyles.
In my lifetime, I do believe I have had every hairstyle and color, (especially in my 20’s) when my beautician friend would ask me to be in her hair shows. It was nothing for me to come to work the next day with blue spiked hair and purple streaks. Now that I am older, I have since toned my hair obsession all the way down.
I still love to look at different hairstyles for inspiration. My current obsession: Vintage hair.
The wispy feathered hair, big huge curls and puffs of the 1970’s……….now that’s what I call “Great hair”.