Vintage Style Jacket X Comfy Overalls

Today I went to a social media meet up sponsored by Pattern formerly known as Indianapolis Fashion Collective.
Just like the name sounds, it’s all the people who make up the Indy fashion community (bloggers, designers, boutique owners and indie artist).
I really had a great time and let me just say the world gets super small when you are talking to someone who tells you their current address only to realize that you lived at the same apartment 16 years ago. #mindblown
dsc_1792 dsc_1795

That 70’s Flow

For some reason I feel like Wilona from “Good Times” when I wear this skirt. You remember Wilona right? The sassy neighbor of Florida Evans and Penny’s (Janet Jackson’s) adoptive Mom.
I always loved her style. She was everything I loved about the 70’s…..matching shirt and flares, colorful checkered jackets and her gorgeous, perfectly coifed, ever-so-fluffy hair.
Shirt: Rue 21
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Aldo

Vintage Recreation: Plaid Blazer

I remember in high school (in my sewing class) attempting to make a wide-legged plaid jumper and how challenging it was to make sure the print was properly sewn together to show a uniform design.
I guess that was the beginning of my infatuation for the print; however, I also realized that sewing was not my “super-strength” in fashion. 🙂
Blazer: Vintage
Tank: Forever 21
Pants: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted
Sunnies: Rue 21

Purse: Broad Ripple Vintage

CB Style Corner: “Secrets” Of A Fashion Blogger

As I just read my title I thought “These are not really secrets”……..well, maybe some……….but mostly things I have learned along the way as well as some of the “action” that happens behind the scenes.
So without further ado…………
1.) My photographer is my 18 year old son who is one of the nicest people I know. Since launching my blog 2 years ago, we have learned so much together like the ever dreadful “Seeing your photographer’s shadow in your picture” shot.

2.) I try not to take my pictures in a bad mood as I feel you can see your demeanor through your eyes which will result in a bad photo; however, there are times when my 3 year old is running around in the background and I have to stop and say “Put that down!!!” or “Don’t touch that!!!” or his full name “Cameron Josiah Turner!!!”. We generally take a short 10 to 15 minute break afterwards if a full name situation arises. 🙂

3.) I have a “What I wear to work all the time” section and a “Blog worthy post” section in my closet…………sometimes they co-mingle, it just really depends.

4.) If I am having a fight with my hair for the week (oh, you don’t fight with your hair?) you may not see many blog posts from me. If my hair doesn’t look good, it really doesn’t matter what I’m wearing does it?

“If your hair is done properly and you are wearing good shoes you can get away with anything” – Iris Apfel

5.) Sometimes it is challenging being a fashion blogger, a working Mother, a chef, a maid, and a superhero all in the same week. Just keeping it real.
Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Express

Hippie Chic

Yep, this is one of my comfort outfits. You know the outfit you pick out when all you want to wear is a “MuMu” or a pair of pajamas to work and eat cupcakes and chips all day?
The older I get the more I love this type of apparel.
Shawl, shirt and pants – Forever 21
Shoes – Aldo

My 70’s Flow

My intentions were to take a few pictures of an outfit that was inspired by one of my older posts. It was a vintage snapshot of Farrah Fawcett; however, as you can see I was “photobombed” by my boyfriend who is majorly peeking out the front door.

After all the laughter and fun and games, my oldest and I were able to snap a few more shots.