Thirty Days Of Fashion

Every year, I “try” the “Thirty Days of Fashion” challenge. I emphasize “try” because I would do the challenge and fail because I never really had a plan.
I am learning fashion blogging is more than just taking photos and creating outfit of the days, you actually have to plan your posts. #whoknew? Seriously, that may sound logical and you may be thinking “Well, Duh Michal!!!” but I am such a “free-spirit” that I never really took the time to plan out my hobby, my passion.

This year, I decided to take a totally different approach and provide a guide for myself of what outfits I would post each day (and now that I know a little bit about how to take my own photos), this “Thirty Days of Fashion” seems a little bit more promising.
Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram (@thebohemiancosmo), you can see some of my recent posts. I will be posting some of my favorites on this blog site shortly.

Thirty Days: Make Your Overalls Sexy

DSC_1492 DSC_1495
Day 3: In my closet I have some overalls that are specifically for “Let me hurry up and go to the store really quick“. I also have a pair I like to “dress up”
One way to make overalls sexy is to wear a cool bodysuit underneath…….of course wear a pair of heels to make the ensemble complete.
Overalls: Target
Bodysuit: Rue 21

Thirty Days: DIY An Outfit

Day 2: I slashed, bleached and cut all into these jeans a couple of years ago……it’s been so long ago that these very jeans may now be considered #vintage. Anyway, this is what I love about DIY distressed denim. There is no proper way. Just be free.
The shirt is somewhat of a DIY project too as I did not like the sleeves so I cut them and the boots are from Journeys.