Thirty Days: Make Your Overalls Sexy

DSC_1492 DSC_1495
Day 3: In my closet I have some overalls that are specifically for “Let me hurry up and go to the store really quick“. I also have a pair I like to “dress up”
One way to make overalls sexy is to wear a cool bodysuit underneath…….of course wear a pair of heels to make the ensemble complete.
Overalls: Target
Bodysuit: Rue 21

A Day In The Life Of………………Family

I spent yesterday with my Mom and my older brother (in celebration of Mother’s Day). We all decided to wait a week because all the restaurants were booked the previous weekend.
My Mom and brother are my 2 best friends and biggest supporters.  I don’t know what I would do without them
It’s so important to show your loved ones just how special and important they are to you in life. ❤

Oversized shirt – Forever 21
Overalls – Target
Boyfriend jeans – Target
Heels –

Weekend Overalls

This weekend I wore these super comfy overalls. I bought them in an X-Large for extra comfort. I promise these overalls feel like pajamas.
Here’s a tip: If you want your overalls to look sexy, buy them in your exact size; however, if your main objective is comfort, then select a size or two above what you normally wear.
Overalls: Target
Tank top: Thrfited

Target Overalls

Okay, let me just say I was super excited when I saw these overalls on sale at Target for a mere $10. I had been watching this item for many, many weeks but the way my responsibilities are set up, I was not about to pay full price.
Well, one day on lunch break, I walked over to the sale rack and “BAM!!!!”, I see these overalls and I do believe harps started playing and I saw a glimmer of light.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets this excited when I see a “favorite thing” on sale.
Styling tip: Wearing heels with a pair of your favorite jeans will always be a perfect combination.