Denim Top X Tribal Midi Skirt

Happy Monday!!! Well, that’s what I generally have to say to myself before I go to work in the mornings after the weekend………positive thoughts, think positive thoughts…
Anyway, to make myself happier, I like to dress up. I bought this skirt at Target and although, it’s fitted, it’s AMAZINGLY comfortable. The material is similar to scuba gear.
Anything that is sexy and comfortable too, I give 2 thumbs up.
Styling tip: If you are ever at a loss in your closet about what to wear with a printed skirt/pant, a crisp white or denim/chambray shirt will generally always work.

Peplum Top/Fishtail Skirt

I was lucky and found this top at Goodwill……… of my Goodwill Hauls and the skirt I bought at TJ Maxx. I have had both these items for a couple of years; however, this is the first time I wore them together. Odd considering they look like they were sold as a set. 🙂 The beauty of fashion.