Easy & Chic

I promise I should have named my blog “Easy & Chic” because that is how I would describe my personal style but also, that is the look that I am drawn to the most, with a tad bit of bohemian (of course).
I don’t like fussing over clothes but yet I love looking “cutesy and girlie” (if that makes sense).
This month I will focus on how to look “Simply Cute” because frankly most of us want to look cute but not have to think about it too much. 🙂

Comic Book Leggings

On the weekends, I am such a fan of leggings (especially decorative leggings) because they are so comfy. They are my sweatpants.
I bought these comic book leggings at the Online Legging Store and I absolutely love them. They have all the styles that you may find on sites such as BlackMilk but half the price.

Check out all their styles here.

Mom Jeans

My Mom bought me this pair of “Mom Jeans” last week while she was bargain shopping.  Now a couple of years ago I probably would have put them in the back of my closet as a way to just “fohgetaboutit” (in my Italian voice) but now I love my “carrot-leg” pants. Is this a sign of getting older?


Casual Sunday Chic

I bought this as a midi set online about a month ago; however the shirt was a crop top.
I decided to pair the skirt with a different top so that I could wear it to both church and work.



Happy Halloween

This weekend besides taking part in Halloween Festivities I will be celebrating my oldest birthday who will be 17 years old next Wednesday. I am still “trippin” off how that is when I’m only 29. (cough, cough, I think I have something in my throat).



In my household, Superhero movies reigns supreme. Every new release, my boys and I are at the movie theatre on opening night.
“Avengers” has to be my all-time favorite superhero film with the X-men movies a close second.
In my opinion, everybody has a super power, sometimes it just needs to cultivated.


Black & Silver

Here’s a little secret friends (lean in closer to the screen), the best place to buy those ugly and comfy sweaters is Goodwill. There are tons of (I call them Lisa Bonet sweaters) at Goodwill. I am wearing one of favorites. The jeans are from Wally World (I was bored one day) and the shoes are Forever 21.