Chic In Stripes

DSC_0730 DSC_0731
I saw these pants in Target about a month ago and I just had to have them. It wasn’t an impulse purchase either. All I kept thinking was “These pants need to get in my closet now!!!!!”. Although, now that I think about it I feel that way about a lot of clothes in Target. That store tends to get me every time…………(walks into Target to get just a few items, walks out to re-calculate your ENTIRE budget). #sigh
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Purse: Vintage

30 Days of Fashion Challenge

I created a new challenge for myself titled “30 days of fashion challenge”.  In short, I plan to post a diary of my “Outfit of the days” for 30 days.  Right now you may be thinking “Umm, isn’t that what fashion blogging is all about?  A diary of your outfit posts on a consistent basis.”   Yes, it is; however, when you factor in a full-time job, being a Mom to 3 growing boys and a 3 to 4 day workout regime, posting a picture of yourself daily can be quite challenging.


So I am calling out all my fellow fashion bloggers who are in school, a busy Mom or just a blogger who has a lot of daily challenges, this one is for you. (Raises wine glass in the air)  Let the games begin.   #30daysoffashion