Vintage Recreation: 90’s Flair

Fashion really is cyclical as seen with this year’s latest trends like body suits and Mom Jeans high-waisted jeans.
I love body suits now just as I loved them in 1993……Oh, and remember the floral body dresses. I loved them too. I just didn’t think I was old enough to wear them at the time.
Now I think those dresses are past my prime. #gofigure
Body suit: Forever 21
Jeans: Thrifted store

Mom Jeans

My Mom bought me this pair of “Mom Jeans” last week while she was bargain shopping. ┬áNow a couple of years ago I probably would have put them in the back of my closet as a way to just “fohgetaboutit” (in my Italian voice) but now I love my “carrot-leg” pants. Is this a sign of getting older?