Holiday Looks 2019 – Volume 1

I had some time yesterday so I put together a few “festive looks”. Let’s talk about these looks shall we?
First look: This tulle skirt/t-shirt situation looked a lot better in my mind. As I was snapping pictures, I realized this is not how I am going to wear this skirt. I love the skirt and I like the t-shirt (this t-shirt is better as a nightshirt) but never will the two be paired together again. I plan to wear the skirt as a shirt. This party look I will be posting momentarily…(main reason why this post is titled Volume 1)
Skirt: Akira Shirt: Target
Second Look: Is a Walmart special. Ummm, does this make me the people of Walmart? Anyway, I tend to purchase a lot of my t-shirts from places like Walmart and Target because you can get them at such an affordable rate. Not to mention, the mens’ department has the best selection of rocker t-shirts.
The boots are Steve Madden and I purchased them when they were 30% off. Never be afraid of bright neon yellow boots. Oh, I have a few ideas of how I intend to wear them. Stay tuned.

Holiday Looks: Denim & Cream

Because I am not a person who abides by rules of fashion, I try to find different ways to incorporate my everyday chic wear into my formal attire……………enter denim which is perfect for pairing with your “Holiday/Party Looks”.
Denim Jacket – Wet Seal
Maxi Skirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Forever 21

CB Style Corner: Holiday Inspiration

This month I will be focusing on “Holiday Looks” and what to wear to all the holiday parties you will be attending possibly this month but definitely next month.
If you have any of your best Holiday looks you want to share, feel free to send them to me at
(Dynamite Clothing)
(Free People)
(Lovers & Friends)