Casually Chic

I love wearing casually chic, everyday wear. I have tried to wear dressed up attire for “blogging sake” but I realized “hey that is not me”. I don’t dress up everyday. I like to be comfortable yet sorda “cutesy”….(if that’s a word)
Plus, in the mornings, I really don’t have time to fuss over an outfit. I scan my closet and if two things sorda match, I give it the green light. Oddly enough on those days is when I get the most compliments.

Comic Book Leggings

On the weekends, I am such a fan of leggings (especially decorative leggings) because they are so comfy. They are my sweatpants.
I bought these comic book leggings at the Online Legging Store and I absolutely love them. They have all the styles that you may find on sites such as BlackMilk but half the price.

Check out all their styles here.