Vintage Love

These looks from Delpozo, House of Holland and Diane von Furstenberg are everything I love about vintage. The extra long maxi dresses with colorful flowers, colorful checks and plaid.
Secretly, my most favorite fabric from the 70’s is polyester or as some call it “the 2 sisters”.
Anytime I go to my favorite vintage shop and see a polyester “anything” I am trying it on.
delpozo1 dvf

Fall Florals

In honor of my birthday month and Fashion Week (that just happens to start on my birthday), I thought it would be a good idea to do “Thirty Days of Fashion” again….. (30 outfit posts in 30 days).
After further thought, I said to myself “Why stress yourself out over a daily outfit post challenge?”. Life is really about doing the best you can with the time you have. So this month I will give my best effort to inspire and give a little bit more insight on my life. It may not be “Thirty Days of Fashion”, it may be just “Fifteen Days of Fashion”, the point is I tried, right? Right? 🙂