Unique Find: Besida Boutique

If you’re searching for “authentic African apparel” made by Nigerian tailors, search no further. I saw this site last night and I know I stared at the collection for atleast 10 to 15 minutes imagining myself in each piece.
See more here, I am sure you will be equally impressed.

CB Style Corner: Vera Bradley Handbags

What’s currently #trending in my world right now? These cute and colorful Vera Bradley handbags.
I remember seeing these gems several years ago when I lived in Kentucky and thought “Why would anyone want a purse that looks like a quilt?”……..(sidebar: This is also coming from a person who hated bell-bottom pants and all the clothes from the 70’s growing up. o_0)
Fast Forward to current times and I am obsessed. Funny how life works.
Vera Bradley

Madwell Summer Essentials

If you are looking for some classic summer pieces, my suggestion is to take a peak at Madwell’s clothing line. I saw the romper (picture #3) on their instagram page and was intrigued to take a closer look at their Facebook page and website.
The majority of their pieces are comfy, casual wear that can be dressed up or down. Someone was thinking of the everyday working woman when they created this store. Thank you Madwell, Thank you. 🙂