Layered Looks – Denim Skirt X Velvet Blazer

The absolute best thing about the “Fall Time” other than sipping on hot chocolate and pumpkin spice coffee and seeing the trees change into really pretty colors is being able to layer your clothing. Honestly, you can make a simple outfit go from “Blah” to “Voila” simply by adding a jacket and a comfy scarf (additional layers are optional).
For this look, I layered 2 skirts, a t-shirt, and my velvet blazer.
A true sign of old age is when you totally forget where you purchased any of the apparel. 0_Oย  Just lift my mind up in your prayers, won’t you?


Converse & Denim

Often times when I take my outfit posts, my baby boy is always running around in the background trying really hard to get in the picture so today, I said “Pose for me Cam” and guess what? He sat on the step and gave me the best poses ever from a 2 year old. Gotta Love him.