Vintage Recreation: 90’s Flair

Fashion really is cyclical as seen with this year’s latest trends like body suits and Mom Jeans high-waisted jeans.
I love body suits now just as I loved them in 1993……Oh, and remember the floral body dresses. I loved them too. I just didn’t think I was old enough to wear them at the time.
Now I think those dresses are past my prime. #gofigure
Body suit: Forever 21
Jeans: Thrifted store

Black & Silver

Here’s a little secret friends (lean in closer to the screen), the best place to buy those ugly and comfy sweaters is Goodwill. There are tons of (I call them Lisa Bonet sweaters) at Goodwill. I am wearing one of favorites. The jeans are from Wally World (I was bored one day) and the shoes are Forever 21.