Layered Looks

Fall is a perfect time for layering all your clothes in the closet. I am wearing a denim shirt, denim jacket with my son’s plaid shirt and camo joggers. I feel totally comfortable too.
A can’t-go-wrong tip on layering your clothes is this combination: Shirt+sweatshirt+denim jacket and/or blazer.
Combining all 4 is even better especially if you’re going to be outside for any length of time.

Denim on Denim

I like looking through my trunk of denim jeans to find the perfect pair to wear especially if I am going somewhere, like to a fight party which is where I wore this outfit.
This may sound odd but I have tons of denim jeans but I only wear a select few that are strategically placed at the top of the pile.
The jeans I have on are a “Goodwill find” and the jacket is so old that I honestly can’t remember where I purchased it, possibly a “Goodwill find” too. 🙂

Just The Basics

These are my last few days of my “30 Days of Fashion” Challenge. I have learned so much about lighting, cameras and why it’s not good to eat a sloppy burrito before taking a picture.
Also, I found out that there is a “30 days of fashion” Facebook page. Who knew? …..and I thought I was being creative by making up this challenge. 🙂 (There is nothing new under the sun).


Army Boho

Tonight I am taking my oldest to a college fair so I decided to wear something comfy to work to prevent the need to change out of my “Work Clothes”.
The denim jacket is thrifted and the dress I bought on sale at Macy’s. They have the best sales.


Fashion Florals

Day 7 – I’m pretty sure this entire outfit was purchased at a thrift shop (with the exception of the shoes). That’s what I love about going to thrift stores you can find every era of fashion.