NYE Photo Fun Session

The little 7 year old boy named Cameron (pictured in the photos) knows he has his mother’s heart. The best way I can explain it is in a math equation.

Cameron recently had to start wearing glasses. Within the first week, he lost his glasses 6,754 times and I threatened him with a spanking all 6,754 times. How many spankings do you think said little boy received? Solve for x.

A mother’s love.¬† Happy New Year.

Dress: Broad Ripple Vintage

Vintage Chic

I went to my favorite vintage shop this past week and found a few gems. Besides a cute ruffled button down top, I found this dress that I transformed into a skirt……….the top portion just looked waaay too #vintage for me.¬† I love the look of vintage but I never want to look like I am wearing a costume.
DSC_0727 DSC_0728
Top: Forever 21
Dress: Broad Ripple Vintage
Wedges: Heels.com
Purse: Broad Ripple Vintage

Retro Friday

Happy Friday!!!! This maxi dress makes me happy because it’s another one of my vintage finds from Broad Ripple Vintage. They don’t have an online store but if you ever have an opportunity to visit Indianapolis, this store is a “must see”. Their prices are awesome and the owner always offers discounts.

Vintage Thursday

One of my hobbies (besides blogging) is buying vintage clothing. I love collecting maxi skirts, maxi dresses and jumpsuits like the one I am wearing purchased at my favorite vintage shop Broad Ripple Vintage.
I get really excited when I look inside the garment and see an authentic tag from my favorite decade – the 70’s.
In the upcoming weeks, I will try to showcase some of my vintage finds.