The Bohemian Cosmopolitan

When life happens to people, why is your blog the first place that is affected? Why?
Anyway, instead of giving you a long and very boring explanation, just know I have been placing my focus on my instagram page @thebohemiancosmo. Why the name change you ask? I mean, shouldn’t all your social media sites be uniform? Yes, they should but I wanted to focus strictly on fashion and nothing else.
My instagram page @challebrown is a hodge-podge of pictures, style inspiration and even home and decor. It’s just me being random. My new page is a little bit more focused. It’s sorda like an artist evolving and testing the waters. #betastages
Anyway, my plan is to launch a YouTube page in conjunction with @thebohemiancosmo as sometimes people want to see the “true you” in pictures and on camera.
For your convenience, I have linked my new instagram page to this blog. Just click on one of the pictures (on the right hand side under (“Follow us on Instagram”).

Altar’d State Maxi Dress

I bought this dress at Altar’d State. I was not familiar with the store until I traveled to KY. I found out it’s a Christian store that is in the same family as Anthropologie and Free People so of course it was love at first sight.

Lonelydot Lookbook

I have been a longtime fan of vintage apparel but I stopped shopping at vintage stores because I did not want to look like I was wearing a costume (you know the look where people will automatically assume “Hey jive turkey, what’s happening!!!!” or “That is righteous!!!” is about to come out of your mouth at any minute). Yeah, I have a few of those outfits in my closet (trust me).
When I stumbled upon Lonelydot’s lookbook I did not think costume rather “Hey, I like the way these vintage pieces look so boho chic.” especially considering the bohemian look is such a hot trend this season. Take a look for yourself at their editorials. Super cute.

CB Style Corner: Festival Inspired

Coachella seems to be “Big News” this week in fashion with tons of style inspiration picks from various websites. What I realized (while scrolling through a few pictures) is dressing for festivals like “Coachella” is the same as dressing for the beach, vacation or any other summer season event.
Simply put it’s “boho chic” looks at its best.
“Pulling off” this Boho chic look only requires a few key pieces, too. The perfect hat (preferably straw or felt), a fringed accessory, tribal inspired jewelry and the rest is truly up to you.