ASOS Spring Dress “Wishlist”

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought “I really need to do a closet upgrade” but you currently don’t have the unlimited resources to make it happen?
Well, for me, this is why I create “wishlists” so that I can have a vision board in my mind of items I want to pick up in the future. Since Spring is on the way, I need (Yes, it’s a need :-)) to find some spring dresses. I searched online and created a “wishlist” from’s website who currently has the best selection, in all sizes.


CB Style Corner: Where to shop for plus-sized clothing

I posted this picture on my Instagram and Facebook page on Sunday and my aunt who is a full-figured woman saw it and asked me “Where did you get that dress I love it!”.


In response, I said ““. She asked “Well, do they sell plus-sized clothing”. I said “No, but I can send you some links to some places that does.”  I was elated she wanted me to put on my “personal stylist hat” for a few moments.  🙂

In years past as a blogger, I have always searched for online plus sized stores because either my friends and/or family would ask where to buy trendy clothes for their children or family members.
It seems that retailers are catching on to the demand as there seems to be more and more stores that sell plus-sized clothing.  Here are some favorites: