A Day In The Life Of…………..Indie Arts

I went to the Indie Arts Vintage Festival Saturday and loved just about everything I saw. Since this festival occurs a few times a year, I will definitely be back for the one in September.


A Day In The Life Of………………Family

I spent yesterday with my Mom and my older brother (in celebration of Mother’s Day). We all decided to wait a week because all the restaurants were booked the previous weekend.
My Mom and brother are my 2 best friends and biggest supporters.  I don’t know what I would do without them
It’s so important to show your loved ones just how special and important they are to you in life. ❤

Oversized shirt – Forever 21
Overalls – Target
Boyfriend jeans – Target
Heels – Heels.com

A Day In The Life Of…………Easy Kid-Friendly Recipe

Like most Mom’s the majority of my life revolves around my boys. I would have to say the hardest part of my day is finding quick and easy meals to prepare……..(okay, let me scratch that last sentence because thanks to Facebook and the “internets”, meal preparation has become a little bit easier).
I ran across this recipe on Facebook and just had to share. This meal was prepared in 20 minutes (most of the time was spent waiting for the fish to bake)………How cool is that?
1 pkg. Cotsco Tortilla Crusted Tilapia
1 pkg. coleslaw
1 pkg. corn tortillas
1 bottle of Hidden Valley Southwest Chipotle dressing

Cilantro (optional)

Bake fish in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.

Let the fish cool for 5 minutes and have your family pitch in to assemble their tacos.

It’s just that simple.

A Day in the Life of………………Project Pie

My family and I decided to try a new pizza place, Project Pie. It’s an affordable pizza joint where basically you can build your own personal pizzas.
They have every topping you can imagine from your basic meats to Brussels sprouts, carmelized onions and sun dried tomatoes. That’s what I had on my pizza and it was soo good.
For anyone who is vegan they even have Kale salads. I think I will try that next time I go because I will definitely be back soon.


A Day In The Life Of…….

I went to Kentucky this weekend to pick up my 2 oldest sons (as they spent a couple of weeks with their grandmother). My boyfriend and I took the opportunity to be tourists in his hometown.
For a moment, we really felt like we were in a new city because we decided to take the time to enjoy the moment and browse parks and shops downtown.
I learned sometimes you just have to appreciate life instead of rushing through it.

A Day In The Life Of…………….

Today I spent my time with these beautiful people, My Mom and youngest son.
We decided to try out a new health conscious restaurant in the artsy district of Broad Ripple. Why health conscious? Well, I have been for quite some time trying to go vegan; however, the struggle is very real. To be quite honest, the main struggle is flavor. It’s so hard for me to eat a lettuce wrap with beans and avocado and a cup of water. I just feel like that sad rain cloud in the Jimmy Deans commercials after a meal, but I digress.
We were not thoroughly impressed with our dining experience (some of the dishes lacked salt, pepper, butter……..wait, this is healthy food right???) but we still had a good time.