Femme Luxe Finery Lookbook

I love styling clothing and tailoring it to fit my style. What’s my style? Just in case you are wondering. It’s easy rockstar chic (atleast that’s what I like to call it). It’s the kind of style that makes you feel sexy but comfortable.

When I was drawing inspiration for how to style this lookbook, I kept thinking “If I were a stylist, how would I want to convey my style?”
I am a working mother so comfort is key

which is why you see a lot of tshirts from Target that I paired with the slinky dresses from Femme Luxe Finery shown in both pink and brown.
When I want to feel sexy like on date night, I generally wear jeans with boots or a maxi dress. The “Pretty in pink” velvet party dress is a midi dress that I paired with a sheer maxi skirt from Free People. Yeah, I kinda had to pair that skirt into the ensemble since I don’t wear many short dresses.
No matter what I always have to stay true to my kind of style.

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John Mellencamp’s Industrial Loft

Singer, John Mellencamp’s Industrial Soho loft looks more like an art galleria than a home. It’s one of those houses where you just stand around, sip wine and have deep discussions about the artistry. I dare not sit down. Would you?
His home is “beautiful eclectic” nonetheless.

NYE Photo Fun Session

The little 7 year old boy named Cameron (pictured in the photos) knows he has his mother’s heart. The best way I can explain it is in a math equation.

Cameron recently had to start wearing glasses. Within the first week, he lost his glasses 6,754 times and I threatened him with a spanking all 6,754 times. How many spankings do you think said little boy received? Solve for x.

A mother’s love.  Happy New Year.

Dress: Broad Ripple Vintage

Balmain Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear

Instead of the boxed shoulders, glitzy-glamorous embellished pieces that we expect to see from Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, the Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear collection displays classic, timeless apparel that is gender neutral all the while offering the same level of sophistication.

“Streetwear is important, but luxury needs to be based on timeless pieces, not trends,” – Olivier Rousteing

Personally, I loved each piece but if I could imagine myself in a Balmain boutique and had to choose my favorites I would definitely select all the maxi length outerwear and the sequin jacket. Seriously though, have you ever met a Balmain collection you did not love?

Femme Luxe Finery Corset Tops

The photos in this post were taken sometime in the summer; hence the reason you see the shorter hairstyle (that I generally rock because it’s low maintenance and summer friendly).
Why am I so late posting it? Who knows?
…..but to give you the honest details on my tops, I began collaborating with an online retailer, Femme Luxe Finery this year who has a vast selection of fast fashion apparel.

A lot of trendy, bodycon and laidback pieces that seem to target women with an array of body types

That’s one of the things that I love.
The corset tops (both in the black and the wine ) can be paired with high waist “Mom jeans” or how I styled them with flares. I was feeling the whole 1970’s retro flow.
I highly suggest you stay true to what makes you feel comfortable as a lot of their clothing tends to conform to your natural curves.

Denim jeans: Free People
Wine flares: Rainbow Shops

Holiday Looks 2019 – Volume 1

I had some time yesterday so I put together a few “festive looks”. Let’s talk about these looks shall we?
First look: This tulle skirt/t-shirt situation looked a lot better in my mind. As I was snapping pictures, I realized this is not how I am going to wear this skirt. I love the skirt and I like the t-shirt (this t-shirt is better as a nightshirt) but never will the two be paired together again. I plan to wear the skirt as a shirt. This party look I will be posting momentarily…(main reason why this post is titled Volume 1)
Skirt: Akira Shirt: Target
Second Look: Is a Walmart special. Ummm, does this make me the people of Walmart? Anyway, I tend to purchase a lot of my t-shirts from places like Walmart and Target because you can get them at such an affordable rate. Not to mention, the mens’ department has the best selection of rocker t-shirts.
The boots are Steve Madden and I purchased them when they were 30% off. Never be afraid of bright neon yellow boots. Oh, I have a few ideas of how I intend to wear them. Stay tuned.

Georges Antoni X Harpers Bazaar Australia

This Harpers Bazaar Australia fashion editorial is perfect for Holiday NYE 2019 “OOTD” inspiration. The current trend in fashion for holiday looks are sequin and anything fluffy or layered in ruffles. Personally, I love it because you are no longer forced to hold in your stomach for the duration of the party or starve yourself because you don’t want to grow a “food baby” due to wearing your bodycon dress. 🙂
Ruffles, poufs and frills are a lot more forgiving.
Another item I love is the addition of the combat boots.

In my eyes, these looks are the perfect ensemble to ring in the new year.