Holiday Looks 2019 – Volume 1

I had some time yesterday so I put together a few “festive looks”. Let’s talk about these looks shall we?
First look: This tulle skirt/t-shirt situation looked a lot better in my mind. As I was snapping pictures, I realized this is not how I am going to wear this skirt. I love the skirt and I like the t-shirt (this t-shirt is better as a nightshirt) but never will the two be paired together again. I plan to wear the skirt as a shirt. This party look I will be posting momentarily…(main reason why this post is titled Volume 1)
Skirt: Akira Shirt: Target
Second Look: Is a Walmart special. Ummm, does this make me the people of Walmart? Anyway, I tend to purchase a lot of my t-shirts from places like Walmart and Target because you can get them at such an affordable rate. Not to mention, the mens’ department has the best selection of rocker t-shirts.
The boots are Steve Madden and I purchased them when they were 30% off. Never be afraid of bright neon yellow boots. Oh, I have a few ideas of how I intend to wear them. Stay tuned.

Georges Antoni X Harpers Bazaar Australia

This Harpers Bazaar Australia fashion editorial is perfect for Holiday NYE 2019 “OOTD” inspiration. The current trend in fashion for holiday looks are sequin and anything fluffy or layered in ruffles. Personally, I love it because you are no longer forced to hold in your stomach for the duration of the party or starve yourself because you don’t want to grow a “food baby” due to wearing your bodycon dress. 🙂
Ruffles, poufs and frills are a lot more forgiving.
Another item I love is the addition of the combat boots.

In my eyes, these looks are the perfect ensemble to ring in the new year.

The State of Blogging

Just like technology is always evolving, so has been the state of fashion blogging. Now-a-days, you must stay current with technology if you are doing anything in the creative arts.

One of the things I have noticed is how social media is evolving to more of creating a story of your life or your product to build a brand. It’s not just pictures anymore. People desire more from you (especially if you are popular) to keep their attention. They want to learn more about you, your product, your home life, your everything. Social media presence is super important; however, the key is to be personable without getting too personal.

I found the Unfold App recently to create this set of pictures (to create a mini picture book story) and currently testing out video editor apps for my instagram to edit on my phone. I am looking for an app that is fairly user friendly because sometimes easy to use video editor apps are few and far between. One must go through a full tutorial just to learn some of the simplest features. O_0
Wish me luck on my quest.

Dress: Forever 21
Denim Skirt: Free People
Tshirt: Target

Boho Maxi X Blazer

I still sing the “Rebecca Black” song in my head on Fridays and even extend the word “Fryyyyyyyyy-day, Frrryyyyyyy-day” in my mind. Ha!!!
Anyway, “Happy Friday“.

Hat – Target
Dress – Altar’d State
Blazer – Thrifted

“Roll With It”

A fashion blogger’s dream is when they see an area of town that has a plethora of backdrop locations. For my city, it’s a little area called Broad Ripple Village.
I believe I am going to have to take my camera to illustrate the depth of variety from cute and quaint vintage homes to super modern and trendy apartments, unique eat restaurants and cool walkways.
They even have buildings where local artist can display their talents.
These photos were taken in that area. The scenery behind me is an office that appears to be “For Sale”. It was the perfect setting because no one was around and I felt extremely comfortable…………….Just me, my tripod and my iPhone.

T-shirt – Target
Extra Large pants – Rainbow
Shoes – I can’t remember.