My Vegan Journey

After many years of thinking about it I have decided to slowly ease my way into this “Vegan Life”.
I say slowly because I am not perfect. For example, Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner so just lift me up in your prayers won’t you?.…………but I am trying.
I have recently been faced with some stomach issues that is further pushing me towards being about that “Vegan life”.
So here’s what I have been eating that I absolutely, positively love…….”Nourish bowls”. You can totally make them yourself but if you are pressed for time they have a great selection at “Meijers”
I also love smoothies……..
however, in the mornings time is of the essence so I typically go to the supermarket and pick up this:
Oh, and I am still working on finding healthy snacks as I generally resort to a bag of chips or Cheetos (no picture required). Don’t judge me, God is not through with me yet. 🙂

A Day In The Life Of…………….

Today I spent my time with these beautiful people, My Mom and youngest son.
We decided to try out a new health conscious restaurant in the artsy district of Broad Ripple. Why health conscious? Well, I have been for quite some time trying to go vegan; however, the struggle is very real. To be quite honest, the main struggle is flavor. It’s so hard for me to eat a lettuce wrap with beans and avocado and a cup of water. I just feel like that sad rain cloud in the Jimmy Deans commercials after a meal, but I digress.
We were not thoroughly impressed with our dining experience (some of the dishes lacked salt, pepper, butter……..wait, this is healthy food right???) but we still had a good time.

Buckle Boot Wishlist

This past weekend, as I was waiting for my phone to get repaired, I had some extra time to scour the mall and look in stores I don’t generally frequent.   I stopped in “Buckle” and thought to myself “Ummm, why don’t I shop here more?”

Everything in the store screams “Boho chic with a touch of glam” which is my kind of style.   As I browsed their boot selection, I comprised a “wish list” for what I may purchase in future.   If I were psychic, I would say I see the boot in picture #1 in my closet in the very near future.  




buckle3 buckle4