Why Blog?

“Why Blog?” – I ask myself that question sometimes and then I think about how much I love sharing my passion with the world and I get excited.
I mean I could say there is a little bit of “vanity” in taking and editing pictures of yourself, (I will be the first to admit it) but it’s also the feeling of “Who can I help by sharing this post?” or “Will my readers get as excited about this outfit or this collection as I do?”.
Even when I feel like I only have 2 followers or when walking to a location (for an OOTD) with my son wondering “Why am I taking this picture?”, I always think about the quote that says “Blog like no one is watching”.
Glasses: 2SeeLife

My Vegan Journey

After many years of thinking about it I have decided to slowly ease my way into this “Vegan Life”.
I say slowly because I am not perfect. For example, Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner so just lift me up in your prayers won’t you?.…………but I am trying.
I have recently been faced with some stomach issues that is further pushing me towards being about that “Vegan life”.
So here’s what I have been eating that I absolutely, positively love…….”Nourish bowls”. You can totally make them yourself but if you are pressed for time they have a great selection at “Meijers”
I also love smoothies……..
however, in the mornings time is of the essence so I typically go to the supermarket and pick up this:
Oh, and I am still working on finding healthy snacks as I generally resort to a bag of chips or Cheetos (no picture required). Don’t judge me, God is not through with me yet. 🙂

Budget Friendly Outfits For Your Kids

Since November is the beginning of all the fabulous holidays and 2 of my sons have birthdays this month, I decided to focus on “Family”.
My absolute favorite store when purchasing clothes for my boys is “Target”.
For my youngest, I typically try to select clothes that are comfortable, wrinkle-free and easy to wash……..enter sweatshirts and sweatpants.
These items are super cheap $5.50/pair and you can coordinate them with just about anything…..sweat pants and denim jackets, sweat pants and plaid shirts, sweat pants and camo (in my Forrest Gump voice).
dsc_1808 dsc_1810 dsc_1811