Vintage Style Jacket X Comfy Overalls

Today I went to a social media meet up sponsored by Pattern formerly known as Indianapolis Fashion Collective.
Just like the name sounds, it’s all the people who make up the Indy fashion community (bloggers, designers, boutique owners and indie artist).
I really had a great time and let me just say the world gets super small when you are talking to someone who tells you their current address only to realize that you lived at the same apartment 16 years ago. #mindblown
dsc_1792 dsc_1795

Layered Looks

Fall is a perfect time for layering all your clothes in the closet. I am wearing a denim shirt, denim jacket with my son’s plaid shirt and camo joggers. I feel totally comfortable too.
A can’t-go-wrong tip on layering your clothes is this combination: Shirt+sweatshirt+denim jacket and/or blazer.
Combining all 4 is even better especially if you’re going to be outside for any length of time.

Comfy Sunday

On the Sundays I don’t go to church (insert #onlyGodcanjudgeme) I like to be as comfortable as possible because chances are I am either doing housework, thinking of ideas for my blog or watching movies with my boys.
Generally my loungewear consists of maxi dresses or extremely comfy pants (like the ones I am wearing).
This is one the reasons why I love the $15 maxis at places like Forever 21 or Target because they are PERFECT for a comfy Sunday. 🙂