Thirty Days: Dainty & Rugged

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some of “My Stories” that I share which is basically some of the fun times with my boys. Before we went bike riding today, I decided to snap a few pics for the blog.
I wore a “Statement Suit” to church and decided to keep the cami on and pair it with some jean culottes. I kinda like the whole rugged but dainty look.
The earrings are my new favorite from Uniq by Niq. I featured her Etsy store about year ago. She has some ah-mazing earrings that are very affordable.

Thirty Days: White After Labor Day

I have never been a person who is bound by fashion rules and truthfully in the fashion industry there shouldn’t be any rules. Rules constrict creativity.
I love wearing white after “Labor Day”. My only suggestion would be to make sure your white ensemble adapts to the season.
Jacket: Forever 21
Denim Jeans: Michael Kors

Thirty Days: A Thrift Store Find

Yep, this is one of those thrift store finds that you have to use your inner “fashion blogger/designer/spidey senses” to see the hidden gem.
When I initially saw this coat it was extremely wrinkled and worn. I loved the color and thought I could create so many cute outfits from this one coat so I took it to the cleaners and “Viola”, total cuteness.