Everyday Vintage Style

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T-shirt – Vintage
Skirt – Vintage
Sandals – GoJane.com
Purse – Thrift Store

Date Night & Disco

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Happy Friday!!!!
When I saw this jumpsuit in the thrift store, Yes, the thrift store, I thought this is a “Date Night” outfit so I totally had to go home and try it on. I get really excited when I see something super cute that makes me feel sexy.
This is why “Date Nights” are so special because as a mother and a woman first, you always need to feel sexy with your man.


I’ve used Photofunia several years back on my desktop but at the time I don’t think they had a mobile app. Well, I started playing on my phone (this weekend) and found the app in my AppStore and designed these lovely creations.
I must say one of the biggest pluses about the app is that it is extremely easy to use.
Play around with it yourself. Β I’m sure you will have as much as I did. πŸ™‚

A Typical Work Day

Next month is my birthday month and just like every September “I try” to do the “30 days of fashion” challenge; however, life’s responsibilities get all in the way. I need to talk to God about this whole adult thing…………lol.
Anyway, I took some test photos after work today and besides the shoes, this is a typical work outfit.
I guess you could say I do the “30 Days of Fashion” to show real-time my wardrobe. Here’s hoping this year it is a success. πŸ™‚

Special Moments In Photography

This picture pretty much sums up what happens behind the scenes when I am taking photos (for the blog) Β and my son is anywhere near the vicinity.
This was supposed to be an outtake but I just had to share a real life situation of being a fashion blogger and a Mom.
Do you have any outtakes with your children? Feel free to share at michalyn97@hotmail.com.