“Hair” Style Star: SZA

I recently was listening to Rihanna’s ANTI album when I heard a beautiful, melodic voice singing on her “Consideration” track. I went to Google and pulled up the images of SZA (the artist singing on the track) and thought “Wow, her hair is AWESOME”.
My motto for this year has been “Make my hair GREAT” so seeing an artist like SZA with such a glorious mane of healthy hair offered me so much inspiration.

Rosie Assoulin Resort ’17

Rosie Assoulin’s resort collection is giving me “life” with the array of voluminous maxi skirts, twill maxi dresses and ruffles. It’s fun yet feminine.
If only I could dress like this everyday………… 🙂

Vintage Chic

I went to my favorite vintage shop this past week and found a few gems. Besides a cute ruffled button down top, I found this dress that I transformed into a skirt……….the top portion just looked waaay too #vintage for me.  I love the look of vintage but I never want to look like I am wearing a costume.
DSC_0727 DSC_0728
Top: Forever 21
Dress: Broad Ripple Vintage
Wedges: Heels.com
Purse: Broad Ripple Vintage

Chic In Stripes

DSC_0730 DSC_0731
I saw these pants in Target about a month ago and I just had to have them. It wasn’t an impulse purchase either. All I kept thinking was “These pants need to get in my closet now!!!!!”. Although, now that I think about it I feel that way about a lot of clothes in Target. That store tends to get me every time…………(walks into Target to get just a few items, walks out to re-calculate your ENTIRE budget). #sigh
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Purse: Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017

One of the reasons why I ADORE bohemian chic collections like Roberto Cavalli’s Resort 2017 is because I can easily find similar pieces at my favorite vintage shops.
Recently, I had been searching for some inspiration on what to wear to my son’s high school graduation next week. When I viewed this collection I immediately thought “That’s it!!!!”. I am taking a trip to my favorite vintage shop and try to find a similar long, flowing maxi dress.
Here’s hoping the trip is a success.