ASOS Spring Dress “Wishlist”

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought “I really need to do a closet upgrade” but you currently don’t have the unlimited resources to make it happen?
Well, for me, this is why I create “wishlists” so that I can have a vision board in my mind of items I want to pick up in the future. Since Spring is on the way, I need (Yes, it’s a need :-)) to find some spring dresses. I searched online and created a “wishlist” from’s website who currently has the best selection, in all sizes.


Style Star: Dawn Richard

I have been following Dawn Richard since MTV’s “Making the Band”; however, I did not realize just how talented she was until I saw this dance video here on YouTube. My initial thought was “OMGEEEE, they are seriously “jammin”!!! (So you know I had to replay it atleast 2 more times. :-)) Afterwards, I spent the next few hours viewing all her YouTube videos.

This resulted in following her on Instagram and noticing another one of her talents. Her sense of style. It’s so unique yet sexy, don’t you agree?

For more check out Dawn’s blog and her shoe collection.


Comfy In Cream

There is always that “Go-To” outfit no matter the event that you will search for in your closet…….somewhat like your “fashion uniform”. Well, this outfit is “The One” for me. I love comfy maxis and Doc Martens.