Men with Streetstyle

Since I know a lot of “Men with Streetstyle” yet it is not an abundance in the blogosphere, I wanted to start a new series focusing on the men with awesome taste.
First up is someone I know very well, my nephew. 🙂

Name: Aaron Michael
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Occupation: Military
Hobby: Self-proclaimed “Sneakerhead”, drummer
Instagram: fly_enthusiast

If you have a great sense of style and would like to be featured in this series, feel free to send your submissions to

Moussy A/W ’14 Lookbook

I love the mixture of athletic wear with evening wear in this Moussy A/W ’14 lookbook.

I attempted to seek out more information on where to shop for these items in the lookbook and well, take a look for yourself here. Their prices are in another language (with no translation on the site).

Advanced Style

I first learned of one of the ladies featured in the pictures, Ilona Royce Smithkin, a few years ago as I was “surfing” through YouTube videos one day. Her fun sense of fashion and wisdom intrigued me. I kept thinking “Wow, I wanna dress just as colorful and creative as she does when I get older.” As I watched more and more videos (because once you are glued to YouTube somehow you are zapped into the “YouTube zone”) I realized there is a whole community of women who dress just as fun as she does and blogger, Ari Seth Cohen created a blog centered around these women.

From time to time now, I visit his YouTube channel and blog Advanced Style just to sit, listen and learn (as if I was sitting at the foot of my grandmother).





Take a look at the featurette of these wonderful ladies here.