Reppin IU

Day 21 (I had to stop and think for a moment)
I purchased this skirt from eBay and surprisingly it was exactly what I expected.
The shirt is from Target or Tar-jay (for all the upscale folks). 🙂


Saturday Sunshine

The weekends are generally family time. The boys and I watch movies, cook scrumptious snacks and just hang out and relax.
After conquering household chores (because the laundry, sock and dust monsters all live in my house), I generally go out grocery shopping
I bought these jeans from Goodwill and did my own DIY on them with a bucket of bleach and a paint brush.

The shoes are from (pauseI could do an entire post on all the shoes I purchased from that site). They sell quality shoes at affordable prices.

Mommy Chronicles

I am sure most Moms can relate to this picture because when I first saw it I thought “That’s me!!!” (yes, in my head I screamed with a sigh of relief that there was a picture on the internet that describes how I feel sometimes).  Happy Monday!